[Foundation-l] Do we need a Code of Participation?

Rob Smith nobs03 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 21:12:55 UTC 2007

On 11/5/07, Erik Moeller <erik at wikimedia.org> wrote:
> Here's a (very rough) example text:
> - - -
> I agree that, as a member of this community, I shall
> * treat others with respect and kindness, and assume good faith in
> their actions;
> * participate in service to the mission of this project:
> [one-line summary of project's mission, e.g. "to create a freely
> licensed encyclopedia"]
> * disclose any conflicts of interest, and recuse myself from editing
> where they could impair my judgment.
> - - -
> Obviously this would still need a lot of editing. Whichever bullet
> points would be considered most important, I believe the total number
> should be limited to 3 to 5.
> Thoughts?

Once upon a time I signed a pledge for Mediation in Good Faith, the other
party had multiple undisclosed Conflicts of Interest. When Arbitration
commenced, continuing in Good Faith, I was viciously defamed in front of the
whole Community.  ArbCom did nothing. After remaining silent for one year to
prove my Good Faith again, I began talking about.

I have diffs to support everything I say.  When will the Foundation, or
Jimbo, act to remove the defamations against me embalmed in Arbitration
rulings and the Communities consciousness?  I get no pleasure discussing
this experience, but I will not be intimidated into silence either.

Rob Smith
aka Nobs01

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