[Foundation-l] Recent resolutions posted

Brian McNeil brian.mcneil at wikinewsie.org
Sat Nov 3 22:51:54 UTC 2007

Thomas Dalton wrote:

>> Eh, so don't vote for them, and don't donate your money to them.  No
>> one's forcing you to.

>That doesn't help until the next election, does it?

I saw the comment on the vote for Chair, Erik abstained for COI - Conflict
Of Interest. I do not want to provoke a flurry of speculation, but that
could be something as simple a motion to support/oppose Florence continuing
being proposed and Erik opposing, wishing further discussion on who should
be chair. Holding such an opinion does not preclude believing Florence is
capable of doing a good job, a difference over the order priorities should
be addressed in could cause this, but if you agree on the top ten then
you're perfectly capable of working together. The friction over what should
be addressed first would be behind closed doors, and I trust both Erik and
Florence to be reasoned and reasonable in presenting their opinions and
consulting with their fellow board members.

To some extent I am surprised people pick over this in such detail. There
apparently seem to be some who wish to look for "WikiDrama" where none may
exist. If you do not have confidence in a candidate for a position you vote
oppose. If you abstain, you are saying they can do the job but you were not
offered a choice you wanted.


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