[Foundation-l] Recent resolutions posted

Thomas Dalton thomas.dalton at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 16:14:08 UTC 2007

> > "Abstain" generally means "Oppose, but I don't want to cause a fuss".
> >
> Could he possibly mean "recuse" instead of "abstain"?

I think abstain in the right word. It means you choose not to cast a
vote on a particular issue. I'm just making a gross generalisation
about people's reasons for not casting such votes.

I'm not sure of the strict definition of "recuse". I would say it's a
more general thing - abstaining just refers to votes, recusing refers
to the entire process. Someone recusing themselves would probably
leave the meeting entirely while an issue was being discussed and
voted on. (Erik may have done that, I don't know, but there's nothing
to suggest he did.)

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