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Robert Horning robert_horning at netzero.net
Thu May 31 09:16:46 UTC 2007

Gerard Dummer wrote:
> Hi Robert, 
> This becomes a bit confusing for me. I only posted on this list because Matthias pointed out the discussion that was going on this list. I do not at this moment see any reason to become an Wikimedia sister project. I don't even know what that means. What are the advantages? This also isn't really a project proposal. 
> WikiKids isn't an project in the "development hell". It is up and running. Maybe this was the wrong place to post a message. Again, I only posted here to explain what WikiKids is. There already is a small community around WikiKids in the Netherlands. And it's growing. Also with people from Belgium (Flanders). 
> Some closing remarks:
> WikiKids is currently running on Wikia-server as a part of the Kennisnet-wiki's. 
> People involved with WikiKids are also very busy with life (mostly teachers and students) and also devote a great deal of time to WikiKids
> We are not involved with WikiJunior in the Netherlands. 
> Thank you for explaining what you mean with "motivated leaders". Although I don't really understand what you mean with "owning an idea". 
> Gerard

That still doesn't explain http://www.wikijunior.nl/

The point about suggesting that this could be a "sister project" is that 
a proposal was set up on Meta, with other projects where this is 
explicitly a goal.  And that by posting on this list there is a 
presumption that somehow this is related to foundation business.  I find 
it unfortunate that you are not working with the developers of the Dutch 
language edition of Wikijunior, but that is your loss and it is also 
something that I hope can be corrected.

As far as "owning an idea", I've seen some project proposals on Meta 
that get some criticism and the person who made the original proposal 
gets offended personally for what are stark realities of becoming a 
Wikimedia sister project.  In spite of the fact that the proposal has 
been made on a wiki, they don't like people messing with the wording of 
the proposal and making modifications or suggesting alternatives to 
making the project work out.  Or to join forces with people having a 
similar idea.  Instead, they push the concept as though it is their 
chance to become a "God-King" of their own little domain with visions of 
grandure of becoming the next version of Jimbo Wales (nothing personal 
against you on this Jimbo, I'm just saying people getting dillusional 
about becoming like how you may be perceived).

And I'm not trying to say that your project is a bad idea... far from 
it.  I think it is some amazing stuff you have put together.

Robert Horning

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