[Foundation-l] [announcement] new staff member in businessdevelopment

Casey Brown cbrown1023 at comcast.net
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You seriously do not understand the inner-workings of this organization.  We
do not have "millions of dollars" right now, we have enough to get by and
probably some more, but we definitely do not have the large amount you are
talking about.  Please look up the prices of the servers alone and the
maintenance that needs to be done on them.  If you do not understand
something, ask, don't incorrectly point a rude finger.

Casey Brown

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> > And I think the WMF *should* be willing to sell unrestricted datafeeds
> > to *anyone* for little more than its actual costs.  This is in line
> > with maximizing the useful distribution of free content, which is
> > after all the purpose of the WMF.
> Datafeed is one of the way we can make money. Which will allow us to pay
> the accountant.
> Which will allow us to provide all the financial information you are
> noisily requesting.

The millions of dollars in donations you've collected is another way
to pay an accountant.

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