[Foundation-l] Clarification to existing resolutions

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Thu May 17 07:47:37 UTC 2007

Erik Moeller wrote:

>I'm drafting a Board resolution to clarify the existing resolutions
>"Licensing policy" and "Access to nonpublic data", as follows:
>* Paragraph 4 of Resolution:Access to nonpublic data is clarified: The
>access policies for OTRS e-mail queues or other communication systems
>of the Wikimedia Foundation are defined by WMF office staff in
>accordance with the intent of the resolution.
It seems that the effect of this is to give office staff a blank cheque 
for writing these policies.  Any kind of good governance would require 
that policies be defined by the Board, and not by office staff.


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