[Foundation-l] Native American Tribes Policy

Jeffrey V. Merkey jmerkey at wolfmountaingroup.com
Tue May 15 19:12:17 UTC 2007

Mark Williamson wrote:

>The idea that federal recognition somehow confers validity upon a
>tribe, peoples, or nation is a ridiculous one.
>Yes, there are people who impersonate Indians. Yes, there are fake
>tribes. But then there are also people who really are Indians but
>whose tribes are not federally recognized. You have equated this on
>Talk:Cherokee with being a "wannabee" and having lost language and
>You have also shown surprising ignorance towards US Indian Policy by
>stating that states don't have the power to recognize tribes. (it is
>Congress' job to regulate commerce with tribes, but that does not mean
>that states, municipalities and other local government entities cannot
>enter into contractual relationships with tribes amounting to a sort
>of recognition).
Better go read the US Constitution Mark.  Also read up on the preemptive 
nature of the Commerce Clause.   After you
read up on these topics, we will have a basis to discuss this where you 
have the necessary groundwork.

>In fact, Alabama has a committee especially for that purpose. The
>federal government seems to have no issue with that.
>Of course, is someone is saying they're a member of CNO when they're
>not, that's one thing. But saying that they are Cherokee, that is not
>illegal by any measure.

This is exactly what is being argued.   This last group claimed to be a 
division of the Cherokee Nation.   This is clearly false.


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