[Foundation-l] Rethinking brands

Jeff V. Merkey jmerkey at wolfmountaingroup.com
Tue May 8 17:42:14 UTC 2007

Florence Devouard wrote:

>The way I read it (forgive me if I am wrong), your email seems to be 
>implying that this is a suggestion from WMF. It is not so. It has not 
>been discussed on the board, and even less agreed upon. Take it for what 
>it is, a simple suggestion by one person, not a wmf suggestion.
>Note that there is chance other suggestions are made by board members 
>during elections time. Please take these suggestions as platform 
>discussion, not as wmf position.

Thanks for clarifying. The USPTO Trademark Office is not like Wikipedia 
in that you can "edit this trademark"
whenever you want, and given the investment in securing a trademark, the 
entire thread evidenced a startling lack
of understanding as to why trademarks should go on a slow path. I was 
wondering what the Board was thinking,
but you have clarified that this is not a Board topic at present.



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