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Darko Bulatovic mail at itam.ws
Tue May 8 09:13:32 UTC 2007

Rich Holton wrote:
> It is indeed illegal in some places to carry, for instance, a gun. Or a 
> knife that is "too large." Whether you use it or not. It's illegal to 
> carry it. Period. Civilized people agree to certain limits to their own 
> absolute freedom because they recognize that not everyone can be trusted 
> with absolute freedom, and there is often no way to know ahead of time 
> who can and who cannot be trusted.
> So I disagree with your example, and I disagree with you point. There 
> are certainly strings of numbers that are illegal to have and to share 
> in some places -- a string of numbers that represents child pornography, 
> for example.
> You may argue that this particular set of numbers should not be illegal. 
>   But I don't think you can really argue that there are no sets of 
> numbers that are illegal. There certainly are, and (in my opinion) 
> should be.
> -Rich
In the eyes full of fear no one can be trusted. And that is not 
civilized. Now is quite clear that those numbers are not illegal by the 
DMCA, but th this situation show how one group of people can take 
freedom  from others just by suspecting that they will use it as illegal.

And that is not good. The law still protect people from this kind of people.

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