[Foundation-l] The 09 F9 magic number

Dmcdevit dmcdevit at cox.net
Tue May 8 07:58:10 UTC 2007

David Gerard wrote:
> is on the AACS crack article on es:wp, and they say they're not going
> to remove it because en:wp doesn't have it - not unless and until the
> Foundation declares it must go.
> - d.
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Note that the discussion is going on here: 
An editor (the title "Un acto de estúpida censura" translates to "An act 
of stupid censorship") makes a post criticizing that the key was put in 
the filter, and telling how it can be bypassed (as he does, writing the 
whole key) by using the markup "&nbsp;" or colons instead of blank 
spaces. Other editors (everyone there, I see) disagree with him, and one 
points him to the essay [[w:en:Wikipedia:Keyspam]], and others offer 
useful suggestions, including that the full key itself is not needed to 
write an article about the controversy.

I imagine your interpretation that "they" say they won't remove it until 
the Foundation tells them to comes from this post on the article's 
talk page, by the same editor as above, and the same one adding the key 
to the article 

- "A mi juicio, es información pertinente, de público conocimiento a 
estas alturas, y publicada también por varios medios de prensa (algunos 
de ellos referidos en el artículo). Si en el futuro la Fundación 
Wikimedia recibe una notificación de "cease and desist", veremos. 
Cinabrium <http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usuario:Cinabrium>"

- "In my opinion, the information is relevant, public knowledge by now, 
and also published by various other press sources (some of them 
referenced in the article). If in the future the Wikimedia Foundation 
receives a "cease and desist" order, we'll see." 

It appears to me that 1) if we're serious about the filter, this is a 
rather trivial workaround that can be fixed, and 2) with one editor 
arguing for the key, and a two day old article, there's no need for 
panic: it appears to be a simple content dispute that community will 
work it out just fine. In fact, I rather liked reading that Café 
discussion. Of course, anyone here who is able can go add your voice to 
the chorus, if you prefer...


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