[Foundation-l] PD in Israel

Florence Devouard Anthere9 at yahoo.com
Tue May 8 00:42:38 UTC 2007

Thomas Dalton wrote:
>> Just as I was clicking on "send", another member who had not spoken yet,
>> gave its opinion, which fully contradicts the 3 other ones opinion :-)
> Is it really wise to speak for the board when you've only consulted 3
> members? I don't know what the quorum is, but I'm sure it's more than
> 3.

Plus my opinion, makes 4. That makes a quorum.
I will mention that I did not consult ONLY 3 people, I never do that. I 
ask all of them. They can answer or not answer.

And yes, that outlines that there should be a deadline to answer a 
question/gives an opinion.

I increasingly have a problem of incompatibility of
* on one hand, the desire of the community, of the staff, of potential 
partners, of journalists, etc... to always have an answer as soon as 
possible, preferably yesterday

* on the other hand, an increasing requirement for procedures, with 
written statements (resolutions - which needs to be written by someone), 
delay requirements for calling a meeting (10 days minimum), quorum 
(which implies board members should be very frequently available to 
assist most meetings)

The internet flexibility does not fit well with bureaucratic requirements.

A recent example for me was the DVD key issue. I got several emails of 
people requesting a Foundation feedback during the night. When I got 
online, more requests on irc and by skype. Request was made to 
immediately provide the position of the Foundation on the DVD matter.

Right. So, first collect the information (what is that key story anyway 
?). Then find a lawyer. Ask for an opinion. Wait for the feedback. Write 
to board members and ask their opinion. Wait for the answers. Read 
further emails received from english admin asking Foundation position 
ASAP. Wait for USA to wake up. Then collect 2 comments. Wonder if two 
comments are sufficient to represent Foundation opinion. Wait more ? 1 
hour ? 4 hours ? Consider feedback sufficient in spite of no quorum ? 
Write down a resolution and call for a meeting in 10 days ? Hope 4 
people will be there to vote ?

I am partly joking. But only partly. Some people will complain I did not 
give enough time to give a feedback. Others that the Foundation is 
becoming a heavy machine unable to make decisions. Both will be correct 
probably. Another solution to speed up process would be to make 
decisions alone and speak in the name of the board (which is probably 
legal), which would be said to be power abuse. Nothing's ever perfect :-)


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