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Darko Bulatovic mail at itam.ws
Mon May 7 22:18:43 UTC 2007

Jesse Martin (Pathoschild) wrote:
> Hello,
> Wikipedia is not a experiment in civil disobedience. Whether or not
> the law is absurd, it is nonetheless law. Feel free to convince your
> congressperson to get it struck down or militate elsewhere; don't make
> Wikimedia content illegal in the US and the European Union just
> because you disagree with the law.
> Yours cordially,
> Jesse Martin (Pathoschild)


As I understood this matter it is not about law, it is about 
understanding of the law. Google, Digg has removed some posts with this 
numbers because of AACSLA request not because of judge or law request. I 
didn't follow up what happen on wikipedia, but I see WMF are acting 
I understand that WMF are afraid of court expenses if AACSLA raise 
charges against them. But currently there is several processes that 
point out First Amendment conflict with the DMCA.

The part of that law is mentioned in the letter to the Google, more info 
you can find on:


So I find this very creative approach in understanding of this law. And 
I find it that many others do. Regardless of this notice to Google, its 
still returned to me about 1,740,000 search results on this number. Is 
that make Google disobedient , and you Jesse obedient? :)



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