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Casey Brown cbrown1023 at comcast.net
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I find it especially upsetting that you would spam this number by means of
the subject header.  Please do not even give the excuse that otherwise
people would not know what you were talking about (or would know what you
were talking about by posting the number in its entirety).  If you wanted
people to better understand what you were talking about, you could have just
added the article title that you linked to the header instead of the number.

Although it has already been stated, the number was added because it was
spam.  Nothing more needs to be said.  However, the number may in fact stay
there because it is an "illegal number"

Casey Brown

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I am quite surprised that this number has been added to the spam list.
I don't understand how it is related to spam...
This is more related to free speech. There are already several millions
Internet web sites posting this number. Why not Wikimedia projects?

Is Wikimedia starting to bend in front of Hollywood majors?



PS: For those who may not know what is this about:

http://www.non-violence.org/ | Site collaboratif sur la non-violence
http://www.forget-me.net/ | Alternatives sur le Net
http://fr.wikipedia.org/ | Encyclopédie libre
http://fr.wikisource.org/ | Bibliothèque libre
http://wikilivres.info | Documents libres

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