[Foundation-l] WMF resolution on access to non-public data passed

effe iets anders effeietsanders at gmail.com
Tue May 1 21:32:14 UTC 2007

Would it be possible to let the parents of the "minors" authorize it?
Especially for the OTRS team I assume that is a reasonable way of
working. Of course selection policy should show that these people (the
minors) add an extra value to the team, but I know quite a few who do
their work very well, and are probably in their mind already mature
enough, although their passport disagrees. I think that sean might be
a good example for this, but also on my home project (nl.wp) I know
some of them, and I think you all know some of those fellows like
"noooo, you're joking, you can't be 16, you're at least 30!" because
they are such a lot more mature then some of the people who are
fighting around on the wiki's.

I would really appreciate it if the possibility of letting the parents
sign a document that they are OK with it would be taken into
consideration. I know this might hand some extra work to the Office,
but please consider that this will lower the workload in the long run.
Thank you.


2007/5/1, Andrew Whitworth <wknight8111 op hotmail.com>:
> I'm wondering what kinds of hoops need to be jumped through in order to be
> granted an exception to this resolution? The final provision does mention
> that exceptions can be made by the board. en.wikibooks has an enthusiastic,
> highly-motivated, and very professional vandal fighter who had been a
> candidate for checkuser (a very popular candidate), and who cannot now be
> given those tools because of his age. I would be a fool if i did not at
> least inquire about the possibility of this individual being granted such an
> exception.
> --Andrew Whitworth
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