[Foundation-l] WeRelate: Genealogy wiki wants to discuss affiliation with the foundation

Solveig Quass solveig at quass.org
Fri Mar 30 22:45:39 UTC 2007

www.WeRelate.org would like your review and participation. I have seen a few proposals for the foundation to create a site simular to WeRelate. Our purposes are in line and we believe that some sort affiliation would benefit both organizaitons. We would like to discuss affiliation with the Media Wiki Foundation.  

WeRelate.org is code complete and coming out of beta. During beta, WeRelate.org became the largest genealogical wiki, it has more than115,000 ancestor pages, 430,000 historical and current inhabitted place pages, 115,000 names, and 1.3 million source pages. WeRelate encourages citation and documentation, annotated images of family pictures and documents. It also generates 5 generation pedigree maps. The Family Tree Explorer application splits the screen to allow viewing and navigation of from various types of trees and indexes while viewing and working on the wiki page in the other window. 

WeRelate is a free public service web site supported by tax deductible donations, it is nonsectarian and noncommercial. WeRelate is dedicated to collaborative research and the sharing of information. Please see http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/WeRelate and see the video.

Thank you,
Solveig Quass

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