[Foundation-l] Belarusan Wikipedia

Jesse Martin (Pathoschild) pathoschild at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 20:36:12 UTC 2007


I think it is important to disclaim a few points here. GerardM's
opinions do not necessarily represent the opinions of the subcommittee
as a whole; therefore, please note that:

1. The subcommittee recommendation was to rename the alternative or
'classical' Belarusian wiki, and use the standard code for the
standard or 'normative' Belarusian wiki. This recommendation did not
include the closure of the alternative Belarusian Wikipedia. I'm not
sure whether it was closed by decision of the board of trustees or by
mistake. That is why the announcement on the normative Belarusian
request page on Meta did not explain the decision: there was no such
subcommittee decision we could explain.

2. The subcommittee has not had a serious discussion about nor reached
any consensus on the idea of a Meta arbitration committee. Whether
this is desirable or not is up to the community or the board of
trustees, not the subcommittee.

Yours cordially,
Jesse Martin (Pathoschild)

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