[Foundation-l] Banning Fair Use (was Re: Foundation Licensing Policy)

Oldak Quill oldakquill at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 16:38:34 UTC 2007

On 28/03/07, effe iets anders <effeietsanders at gmail.com> wrote:
> Although a few people asked, you didnt give examples of when a
> Wikibooks should *need* to use Fair Use. Please note that a rationale
> is obliged. Could you give a few examples of images where there is
> absolutely no possibility that there will come no free substitute of
> it? (As you brought it yourself on this list... now i have been made
> curious :) ) Thanks.

Use of logos and example adverts in a book about advertising?

Oldak Quill (oldakquill at gmail.com)

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