[Foundation-l] Foundation Licensing Policy

Ed Sanders ejsanders at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 17:11:26 UTC 2007

The three uses of EDP images are given as
1. "should be to illustrate historically significant events"
2. "to include identifying protected works such as logos"
3. "to complement (within narrow limits) articles about copyrighted 
contemporary works"

The problem with #2 is that it doesn't give the context in which such an 
identification is required. Should a logo only be allowed when it's 
design is discused? Or when the company is discussed? Or on the article 
about the company? Or simply whenever the company is mentioned?

The problem with #3 is it gives no clarification as to how narrow the 
limits should be. If I have an article about a film (a copyrighted 
contemporary work) and I upload 30 screenshots, I could argue each one 
"complements" the article, and who's to say that only using 30 of the 
~200,000 frames of the film isn't within "narrow limits".


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