[Foundation-l] My resignation

Tim Starling tstarling at wikimedia.org
Fri Mar 23 04:04:43 UTC 2007

George Herbert wrote:
> On 3/22/07, Pedro Sanchez <pdsanchez at gmail.com> wrote:
>> You and I aren't entitled to demand an explanation and to know every
>> small detail. It's between Danny and the Foundation.
> It is, however, unreasonable not to expect there to be curiosity and
> no small degree of consternation when two longtime key employees
> announce their departures over a couple of days.

The difference is that Brad gave about a month's notice. Danny left last
Tuesday with no prior notice. Danny's resignation caused some comment on
internal-l. Anthere decided that since we were talking about resignations,
this would be a good time to announce Brad's pending resignation, also to
internal-l. That is why Brad has chosen this time to make his announcement
to foundation-l, simultaneously with Danny's announcement. The close
timing is artificial. Brad was careful to make this point on internal-l,
so I don't think he will mind me making it here.

-- Tim Starling

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