[Foundation-l] Wikibooks NL is changing License

effe iets anders effeietsanders at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 21:03:40 UTC 2007

Dear all,

The Wikibooks NL community has decided to change the default license
of the textbooks for the future. That will mean that from a certain
point in the near future all new submitted changes and new texts will
be default double licenced under GNU FDL *and* CC-BY-SA-2.5 or later.
The texts that are currently in Wikibooks NL will be marked as "GFDL
only". This is so the project will be better able to spread it's
content (as the reuser has a choise to use only a page of the
wikibooks project without printing all the license etc)

If every contributor of a certain page has agreed to relicense all
his/her contributions on Wikibooks NL, also those in the past, under
both licenses, the template stating the excemption of the default will
be removed.

It will still be possible to import pages from Wikipedia NL to
Wikibooks NL. This will mean that a small part of the newly created
pages will also be marked as "GFDL only". The community has taken some
more precautions, such as creating templates to relicense all you
contributions (HINT: {{Dubbel}}) and a page with explanation, but it
would be too much in detail to explain that on this list. See this
please as announcement, and contact the Wikibooks NL community through
our Tutors' Chamber ([[b:nl:Wikibooks:Lerarenkamer]])

With kind regards,

Lodewijk Gelauff

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