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I thought this was a nice anecdote shared by one of our Advisory Board members.

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"What? How?" -- "Wikipedia."

A few days ago, Barbara Partee started up an email discussion about an
effort by Yuri Koryakov to "[get] linguists organized to fill in the
many gaps in linguistics coverage in the Russian-language wikipedia,
both in biographies of linguists and in content articles", suggesting
that a comparable effort for the English-language wikipedia would be a
Good Thing. (If you read Linguist List, you'll probably be hearing more
about this before long.) This morning, Chris Potts contributed an
encouraging anecdote:

     In my large intro course yesterday, there was an unfamiliar hand in
the air a lot of the time, and the student's questions and insights were
the best I've had all semester. It was puzzling, because I didn't
recognize him, and he seemed to know much more about syntax than one
would expect. (It was our first official day on the topic.)

     After class, he came to the front and introduced himself as a
prospective student, just out of high school. He said linguistics was
his passion in high school. I said, "What? How?" And he replied,

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