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Perhaps of interest to those who were talking about this earlier; there's an
evaluation of the UNESCO Community Media Center program out now.

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some of you might be interested in this:

The UNESCO supported "Community Multimedia Centers" are community-
based facilities offering both community radio broadcasting and
telecenter services. Radio broadcasts by local people in local
languages are now possible at low cost due to the development of
small, inexpensive, easy-to-operate broadcast facilities. In Africa
and other regions, where languages are spoken and national broadcast
networks are weak, community radio provides a new and important
medium for communication of news, information, and entertainment. The
radio not only informs, educates and entertains, but it also empowers
the community by giving a strong public voice to the voiceless, and
thus encouraging greater accountability in public affairs.
This UNESCO initiative showing the world the power of CMCs is in its
fifth year of operation, with 39 pilot CMCs established in
communities across Latin America/Caribbean, Africa and South Asia.

Read the recent evaluation of the UNESCO program.

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