[Foundation-l] Censorship: Speedy deletion of porn articles

Yonatan Horan yonatanh at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 03:05:14 UTC 2007

On 3/10/07, George Herbert <george.herbert at gmail.com> wrote:
> My questions:

Is the current he.wp rules structure which allegedly forbids the
> pornographic references documented?

What sort of documentation are you looking for? It is not quite an official
policy and I have more than one admin at he who supports that argument. It
is also not included in the "Deletion policy" page on he (although an admin
tried to add it to the page, he was reverted and the page was protected and
reverted back to the version that doesn't disallow articles on porn

If so, is there an english translation for those of us not enlightened
> enough to read Hebrew?

I would be happy to translate anything you would like to be translated but
then again, as shown below, you don't trust me.

Right now, we are all speculating in the dark.
> If there is no written policy and people are banned for violating an
> unwritten policy, then I believe there is a Foundation issue.

Not everyone is automatically banned (although I suppose that might be
because nobody dares to create an article about such a subject), I suppose
the admins had some (albeit very little) merit in banning me as there is a
known troll who tries to create porn articles every some time. All articles
on such subjects are speedy deleted though.

If there is a written policy that is in conflict with Foundation
> policy, then I believe there is a Foundation issue.

It is not a written policy and was never accepted, that is the problem.
However, if you try adding an article about, say, Jenna Jameson it will be
speedy deleted (just to clarify, we have a process similar to AFD where
issues such as notability are discussed) and nobody will justify the speedy
deletion as a speedy deletion of an article about a non-notable subject.

If there's a written policy in accord with Foundation policy, then
> there's a he.wp user education problem, and possibly a lack of AGF,
> but those aren't really Foundation problems per se.

Heh, AGF is pretty much non-existent there but I digress. How can a policy
banning pretty much all articles on subjects of porn (regardless of
notability, let me repeat again, nobody is claiming the subjects aren't
notable) not be against foundation policy (ie. wikipedia is not censored)?

Or, possibly, we're just being trolled.

I was recently appointed admin on Wikimedia Commons so that might add to my

I think we currently lack enough info to determine which of these
> cases is actually going on.  Can someone who isn't involved but who
> can read Hebrew research and give us a report?

This is why I suggest Danny as he's both trusted and a Hebrew speaker but of
course he's a busy guy. There are also User:El C, User:Avraham and
User:woggly on en who are Hebrew speakers (all en admins, btw).

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