[Foundation-l] Index Data Announces Open Content

Jonathan Leybovich jleybov at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 7 18:43:43 UTC 2007


Index Data, maker of free software tools for
bibliographic data exchange (in particular through the
[[Z39.50]] protocol) has started indexing several open
content projects, including Wikipedia:


The integration with Wikipedia is very basic, however,
and the only useful article metadata that can really
be extracted at this point is the article title.  I'd
like to suggest that we consider allowing the
association of Wikipedia categories with something
like [[Library of Congress Subject Headings]] (I think
something like this was going to be an eventual fruit
of WiktionaryZ).  Though doing so would not
immediately enhance Wikipedia functionally, it would
help Wikipedia conform to the very established
standards and tools in the library sciences world and
therefore enhance its availability to the many people
doing their research primarily through such


Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2007 09:12:34 -0500
From: Sebastian Hammer <quinn at indexdata.com>
Subject: [Yazlist] Open Content and SRU/Z39.50

Hi guys,

this is a follow-up to an earlier announcement on this
list. We've now 
completed the initial setup of our Z/SRU targets for
several open 
content sites, specifically the Open Content Alliance,
Wikipedia, DMOZ, 
and Project Gutenberg. Our hope is that exposing these
resources through 
open information retrieval protocols will allow
libraries and others to 
more easily integrate them into applications, portals,
and internet sites.

More details are available at
http://www.indexdata.dk/opencontent/ .

To keep people abreast of new developments, and to
stimulate discussion 
about the use and sharing of open content resources in
this way, we have 
created a new mailing list. Signup information at 
. We will be 
using this list to announce the availablility of new
targets, changes to 
setups, etc.

We sincerely hope that you will find these resources
useful, and that 
you'll discover new ways to integrate this exciting
content into the way 
you deliver services to your users.

All the best,


Sebastian Hammer, Index Data

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