[Foundation-l] [WikiEN-l] Accountability: bringing back a proposal I made nearly 2 years ago

Mark Williamson node.ue at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 06:02:02 UTC 2007

Really, making up fake credentials is only relevant if you try to use
it in an argument.

If I said I had a Ph.D in Astronomy for any reason (main reason I can
think of for that would be enhanced anonymity), it would be totally
irrelevant because I have been involved in 0 astronomy-related
articles, I simply do not edit them because I am not interested in
that topic.

Even if I were to become an admin on a large wiki, I don't think it
would be relevant. I think it only matters if you are a steward,
developer, or working for the foundation or somesuch.


On 05/03/07, Erik Moeller <erik at wikimedia.org> wrote:
> On 3/5/07, geni <geniice at gmail.com> wrote:
> > > 2) Making up professional credentials is prohibited, and may result in
> > > a ban. (This may or may not be covered by existing policy, but judging
> > > from the Essjay case, it is probably not sufficiently clear.) This is
> > > independent of whether or not the user asks for credentials to be
> > > verified. We may investigate claims that are dubious when they are
> > > pointed out to us.
> > No. No community support for this and appears to be policy cruft.
> > Better to go with. "makeing up credentials mad result in bad things
> > happening please don't".
> I don't think community support can be gauged fairly from the response
> to the Essjay situation. Essjay was a highly respected contributor,
> and many were inclined to respect and defend his desire to create a
> fake identity without an informed debate about the nature of
> credentials, and why it is important that we treat such statements
> with care.
> I believe this debate needs to take place now, independently of the
> Essjay incident.
> > Oh man please no. Way too buracratic. People wanting to avoid it will
> > would have to remove such claims even when true before running for
> > adminship which wont look good.
> Why won't it look good? I don't believe there's a problem with
> removing claims, or perhaps adding an {{UnverifiedCredentials}}
> template.
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