[Foundation-l] Important notice -- please confirm your unblock-en-l subscription

Christoper Russel criticize_antijapanese_racism at msn.com
Fri Mar 2 20:08:31 UTC 2007

I have to suspect strongly:
Luna = Prodego = Essjay = "Ryan Jordan" = other many admin's sockpuppet's 
= inappropriate admin's accounts group abusing sockpuppets and amin's power
= Chinese and/or Korean group with anti-Japanese racism and facism

Why can't they allow IP address contributers to read "Unblock-en-l"?

Can "Luna"'s personal email below be actually valid?

>From: Luna <lunasantin at gmail.com>
>Subject: Important notice -- please confirm your unblock-en-l subscription
>Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2007 23:52:37 -0800
>Dear unblock-en-l subscriber,
>We've recently decided to establish some membership criteria for this
>mailing list,

what kind of "membership criteria"?

>and are in the process of removing subscriptions which do not meet those 

Why is there necessity to remove subscriptions of Unblock-en-l?
Admins already admitted too many unfair blockings enforced by crazy admins?

If so. you only have to unblock all the victims of the crazy admins
and stop all the crazy persons' adminship.

>In particular, we need to associate your email address with a particular 
>Wikipedia account or identity.

I had not a Wikipedia account and Wikipedia's admins apparently have blocked
too many IP address users with no understandable reason.

This means, admins themselves have been forcing many IP address contributors
to have to subscribe "Unblock-en-l".

Of course, anyone have freedom not to log in Wikipedia
and all Wikipedias have allowed IP address contributors to edit Wikipedias' 
since the beginning.

I myself don't want to talk with crazy facism(and racism) admins of 
Apparently Chinese, Koreans, etc. have occupied and controlled Wikipedia 
very unfairly.

I have to think:
Luna = Prodego = Essjay = "Ryan Jordan" = other many admin's sockpuppet's 
are Chinese, Koreans, Mexican, etc.
who have never understood the value to respect democratic procedures and 
human rights.

?In order to do that, please click on this link:

Essjay, Mindspillage, Luna, Prodego, and any other admins have never 
the necessity to click on this link.
They have been only showing their stupid contradiction and their being evil 

>PLEASE use "unblock-en-l identification" as your subject heading, to allow 
>faster processing of your email.

If you want people to reveal their identification, you should do it first. 
even "Essjay"("Ryan Jordan"?), the admin of "unblock-en-l", have been only 
about his identity and apparently abusing sockpuppets.

It is Essjay, Mindspillage, Luna, Prodego, and any other admins of Wikipedia
to make public their real "identification" and only them.

>Do not email the user directly

Because "Luna" is just the sockpuppet of "Essjay"?

>-- you MUST use the Special:Emailuser feature, or your identity will not be 

Why does "Luna" say "MUST"?
I don't know "Predego" at all. And "Predego" is not the list administrator 
of "Unvlock-en-l".
And Luna" is one of the crazy (anti-Japanese-racism-)facism admins.
Like this:
>If you have not replied to this message within one week, your subscription
>will be cancelled. You can request to re-join the list at any time.

"You can request to re-join the list at any time"?
Now, I request it.

I have already requested it to the list administrators and the trustees.
So, I have no need to be ordered by Lunacy-like persons.

>We apologize for this inconvenience, but hope that you understand the need 
>for privacy and security, given the sensitive personal information that is 
>sometimes discussed on this mailing list.

"the need for privacy and security"?
If you say such a decent thing, never send such a crazy emai to people
and never compel them to do such dangerous things for their "privacy and 

All admins should do is to make all admins reveal their real identity,
esp. Essjay, Mindspillage, Luna, Prodego.

>Thank you,

Why "Luna"?
Why "Prodego"?
Why not "Essjay"?
Why not "Mindspillage"?

I couldn't believe my eyes.

The admin's term should be expired every year or every six months.

"Mileshand"(Christopher A. J. Russel)

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