[Foundation-l] Wikimedia Job: Volunteer Coordinator

Carolyn Doran cdoran at wikimedia.org
Fri Mar 2 12:20:49 UTC 2007

Florence Devouard wrote:
> Nicholas Moreau wrote:
>> Yes, but that's because they have money rolling in to fund the physical and
>> legal move. And I'm sure there's different things involved with a charity
>> and what essentially is a small business.
>> It wouldn't be smart to burn money like that, right after the world hears
>> "Wikipedia to close in three months".
>> Nick
> Maybe we could argue the slip of tongue....
> "oh, but I was not talking of closing the website, but only of closing 
> the office !"
> ant
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The office is closing???
Who was to inform the people who run the office.......and the 
servers......and the banks???????????????
This is VERY disconcerting as everyone is about to walk out in 
frustration anyway. Where shall the phones be forwarded to?

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