[Foundation-l] just an idea: add motivation commentary line, anonymized?

oscar van dillen oscarvandillen at wikimedia.org
Sat Jun 30 08:18:28 UTC 2007

just a thought that spontaneously came to me this morning which i would like
to share:
(i know logs are not to be published but i am just quoting myself from

[09:50]<oscar>please allow me to prompt an open question: would it not be
interesting to read the answers to an imaginary questionnaire about the
final motivation of the voters (answers as to the "why" they voted
such-and-so) [[Elections 2007/Questions to voters]] if it existed?[09:51]<
oscar>like a commentary line as we have in edits, but anonymized[09:52]<
oscar>alphabetically ordered in one big dump :-)
[09:59]<oscar>it was just a thought, like last year i suggested a debate
[09:59]<oscar>which now did take place more or less[10:00]<oscar>who knows
what happens next year?[10:02]<oscar>there could be several reasons for
doing this however, hints for the wmf or the board, for online elections in
general and perhaps reading each other's comments is useful as well?[10:03]<
oscar>afterwards of course[10:03]<oscar>not *during* an election
(end of quote)

curious about your opinions!

best regards,

*edito ergo sum*

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