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Peter Halasz email at pengo.org
Thu Jun 28 03:22:45 UTC 2007

> It seems to me that people are getting their shorts in an uproar about this.

Actually every single person to comment about it in this thread has
been supportive of the Klingon character, including the first person
to bring it up. So... it's a complete and utter non-issue. I also have
no issue with it, even if Klingon speakers actually almost always
write it using the Latin alphabet (the main reason it was rejected by
Unicode, IIRC). So let's please forget about the Klingon character
unless someone actually has a problem with it, and get back on track.

The issues the original poster brought up were about Devanagari and
Japanese characters. It seems someone's created an image with one or
both of these issues fixed.

The questions now are:
 1. Are we ok with admitting that the current logo has issues, or do
want to pretend it's just quirky characters and we meant to do it that
way and no one should take offence?
 2. Are there legal ramifications of simply switching the logo to the
fixed version? Are we afraid someone could reuse the logo because of
minor variations to it? That sounds ridiculous to me, but I'm not
 3. Do we just change the logo silently, or do we make an
announcement? Is there any need to seek additional community input
first? (noting that the problem itself has already been discussed at
length by the community)
 4. Do we want glyphs for the empty tiles on the bottom? (and which ones?)
 5, If so, should these be added at the same time as we fix the logo?
 6. Should we assign glyphs for the dark side of the logo, ready for
the blender folk to make a 3D version? (These wont be visible on the
2D version because they're on the back)

I'd like to see the logo fixed, and I don't have much opinion about
the rest. But someone's got to take initiative to get this resolved,

Peter Halasz

On 6/28/07, ! Chris Sherlock <ta.bu.shi.da.yu at gmail.com> wrote:
> I find Klingon to be one of those weird geek things that could one day take
> off. The Unicode Technical Committee may have rejected their proposal, but
> given they actually have their own font, I think that its No Big Deal that
> it's in the logo. I'm no huge Trekkie either.
> It seems to me that people are getting their shorts in an uproar about this.
> Maybe my perception is wrong, but surely we have better things to be
> concerned about and send our time on?
> Chris
> Ta bu shi da yu (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Ta_bu_shi_da_yu)
> On Wed, 2007-06-27 at 00:20 +0200, Jon Harald S?by wrote:
> > I think it is great that we have  Klingon character there. Statistically
> > speaking, no-one* will know what kind of character it actually is, and it
> > will be an interesting easteregg when people discover it. Something that
> > makes people smile. I can't see any bad implications whatsoever coming
> from
> > it; how can it posibly hurt us?
> >
> > * How many percent of the world's population have ever heard of Klingon?
> And
> > of those who have heard of it, how many have ever seen anything written in
> > Klingon with the Klingon alphabet? And of these, how many would recognize
> > the one Klingon character in the logo without knowing what it is
> beforehand?
> The plural of anecdote is not data and all that, but I for one never
> knew there were any Klingon characters in the logo. That said, I've
> never really studied the logo at length or anything?I usually just
> mentally process it as "globe with bunch of characters from various
> scripts"?nor do I know the first thing about Klingon.
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