[Foundation-l] Wikimedia Norway founded

Jon Harald Søby jhsoby at gmail.com
Sun Jun 24 22:20:37 UTC 2007

Hi, all!

On Saturday, we founded Wikimedia Norway. Its name is Wikimedia Norge
(Bokmål), with Wikimedia Noreg (Nynorsk) and Wikimedia Norga (Northern Sámi)
as equal forms. There was some discussion and some changes to the bylaw
proposal, but the whole process was very tidy, and we got it done in two
hours. It was also decided that the bylaws will be revised in the first
regular general assembly, when we have more time (we had a limited amount of
time today, but everything went smoothly).

The translation of the bylaws will begin as soon as they are uploaded. The
decision was made that the Bokmål edition of the bylaws is the main one, but
that translations shall be made - and kept in sync with Bokmål - into
Nynorsk, Northern Sami and English.

The elected board contains nine members, all of course from the community:
* [[no:User:Haros]] - Hans Rosbach, president
* [[no:User:Silje]] - Silje Bakke, Vice President
* [[no:User:Bombadil]] - Marius Helgå
* [[no:User:Jeblad]] - John Erling Blad
* [[no:User:Nina]] - Nina Aldin Thune
* [[no:User:Noorse]] - Siri Johannesen
* [[nn:User:Ranveig]] - Ranveig Mossige Thattai
* [[no:User:PaulVIF]] - Pål Giørtz
* [[nn:User:Trondtr]] - Trond Trosterud

Not all of these were attending the meeting, but all were of course willing
to be on the board, and had been contacted beforehand. An audit committee
was also chosen, from among the attendees. Its members are Hans-Petter Fjeld
(Atluxity), Frode Inge Helland, Johannes Kaasa, Jon Harald Søby and Harry
Wad (Harrywad).

The meeting protocal will come online shortly, and the bylaws will be
translated to English for the approval of the Chapter Committee.

Jon Harald Søby

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