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Vague Rant vaguerant at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 09:53:18 UTC 2007

Dmcdevit wrote:
> And here follows more of the vague accusations and innuendo (this time,
> oddly, that I prefer trolling to off-topic chat) which has gotten you
> banned from #wikipedia already, and for which you seem to show no
> comprehension as to why I would get fed up and begin ignoring it after
> hours of it.

I write to assure you that I neither accused or implied that you preferred
trolling; and would be much obliged if you'd be willing to assume good faith
for just a
moment. I was merely hoping (and indeed, still am hoping) for an
admission that clearing the access list was the wrong move.
As I understand it, it was not you who performed this, however
your statement as to the former state of #wikipedia led me to believe
that you felt the current state was preferable,
indicating a tacit support for what was done. I also wish to disabuse you of
the notion that I have been banned from #wikipedia. I am free to come and go
from that channel, however seanw has silenced me for my attempts to politely
discuss the implementation of the new guidelines. While I, personally do not
keep logs of the IRC channels, I'm sure someone will be able to confirm this
if you truly wish it.

Additionally, I fear you may have some personal issue with me. "I would
welcome reasoned criticism, just not yours." Is this to say that reasoned or
otherwise, my criticism will always go ignored by you? This, to me, seems an
improper attitude to have taken on. Even if you do feel my criticisms thus
far have been frivolous, to say that you will ignore any further criticism
is surely not going to help me, you, #wikipedia, or anyone else.
Unfortunately, this seems to have been the attitude taken by several of
those now policing #wikipedia, and not just against myself, but against any
dissenters. It seems odd to me that anyone associated with Wikipedia should
adopt a stance of ignoring criticism, since criticism is a large part of
improvement in any environment. I hope you and others will see fit to change
your mind on this point.

~ Vague

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