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I have to say, that I like the channel as it is constructed now much
more. Some pepole will want to move to the social channel now, I can
only encourage that if that is the chat they are searching. Please
consider a few points:

*All Wikimediaprojects which are on IRC have their channel as in
#projectname-langcode , for example #wikibooks-nl . Why would
en.wikipedia be an example?

The channel was often flooding with off topic talk, when I came there
for help (yes, even a steward needs help sometimes) no-one was
responding often, due to the heavy offtopic conversations about star
trek and indeed politics, generally americal politics. If there was a
respond, it was not possible to find it in the flood when are not
using a irc client with highlighting (such as javachat).

There is a need for interwiki-communication is something I hear often.
people are not able to get together and think about general solutions
together. The only channel being used for that kind of stuff is
#wikimedia , but to be honest, that is more
foundation/organization-related, not project-based.

Freenode is a big network, and contains a lot of channels. I think it
is not so very weird to move from channel, if you want a social talk,
just go to the appropriate channel. If the social talk is a short
spin-off of a Wikipedia-related issue, I guess there is nobody banging
on your head.

Yes, you are allowed (of course) to change from network. If you really
feel that you cannot operate anymore in Freenode, you are free to
choose another network, and go there. Consider however, that it is not
as much Freenode you are having problems with here, you just disagree
on a few rules for *one channel*. I guess it is easier then to set up
another channel, such as ##Wikipedia .

And *please* remember that not everybody is from en.wikipedia . The
mistake of admin is one often made. If someone searches for an enwiki
admin, he should actually search in #wikipedia-en . It is just setting
the links in the helppages straight, and most of the people will go
the right way.

Best Regards,


2007/6/20, Dejan Čabrilo <dcabrilo op gmail.com>:
> On Wed, 2007-06-20 at 10:28 +0200, Guillaume Paumier wrote:
> > Because Sean is one of our two IRC group contacts for Wikimedia (with
> > James_F), member of Freenode staff (you know, this network you are using and
> > whose rules you have accepted a long time ago).
> Can we consider changing the network then, if our community and FreeNode
> can't get along?
> > Admin on which project ? #wikipedia is supposed to be about the global
> > Wikipedia project, if you wish to find admins of a dedicated project, you
> > had better join the dedicated channel (I guess your sentence was
> > English-language-Wikipedia-centric, so in that case the dedicated channel is
> > #wikipedia-en, just like there is #wikipedia-fr or #wikipedia-de).
> Usually admins on en.wikipedia. Several people used #wikipedia to
> contact me for help, as I'm an admin on sh.wikipedia, and our channel is
> mostly empty. It's easier to have a centralized place where people can
> both direct you and help you.
> > Because someone had to do it. Sean was only bold enough to dare doing it.
> I am bold enough to go and reconstruct AfD on en.wikipedia. But I don't
> think changing the rules and desysoping all the admins that took part in
> it would be a way to go.
> > Sean, I think you should make it publicly clear what the problems were, so
> > that people really understand why your action was needed.
> So, Sean should tell us why the channel we were in had problems?
> Dejan Čabrilo
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