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This a quantum leap from the nonsense that professionals are not welcome to edit or willing to edit. The downside, is that, though theoretically familiar with the literature in their field, an expert may engage in the game we all engage in from time to time, "I know this, why do I need a reference"?


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>I have asked and received permission to forward to you all this most
>excellent bit of news.
>The linguist list, is a most excellent resource for people interested in the
>field of linguistics. As I mentioned some time ago they have had a funding
>drive and in that funding drive they asked for a certain amount of money in
>a given amount of days and they would then have a project on Wikipedia to
>learn what needs doing to get better coverage for the field of linguistics.
>What you will read in this mail that the total community of linguists are
>asked to cooperate. I am really thrilled as it will also get us more
>linguists interested in what we do. My hope is that a fraction will be
>interested in the languages that they care for and help it become more
>relevant. As a member of the "language prevention committee", I love to get
>more knowledgeable people involved in our smaller projects. If it means that
>we get more requests for more projects we will really feel embarrassed with
>all the new projects we will have to approve because of the quality of the
>Incubator content and the quality of the linguistic arguments why we should
>approve yet another language :)
>NB Is this not a really clever way of raising money; give us this much in
>this time frame and we will then do this as a bonus...
> GerardM
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>Subject: Wikipedia Volunteers
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>Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2007 12:49:35
>From: Hannah Morales < hannah at linguistlist.org >
>Subject: Wikipedia Volunteers
>Dear subscribers,
>As you may recall, one of our Fund Drive 2007 campaigns was called the
>"Wikipedia Update Vote." We asked our viewers to consider earmarking their
>donations to organize an update project on linguistics entries in the
>English-language Wikipedia. You can find more background information on this
>The speed with which we met our goal, thanks to the interest and generosity
>our readers, was a sure sign that the linguistics community was enthusiastic
>about the idea. Now that summer is upon us, and some of you may have a bit
>leisure time, we are hoping that you will be able to help us get started on
>Wikipedia project. The LINGUIST List's role in this project is a purely
>organizational one. We will:
>*Help, with your input, to identify major gaps in the Wikipedia materials or
>pages that need improvement;
>*Compile a list of linguistics pages that Wikipedia editors have identified
>"in need of attention from an expert on the subject" or " does not cite any
>references or sources," etc;
>*Send out periodical calls for volunteer contributors on specific topics or
>*Provide simple instructions on how to upload your entries into Wikipedia;
>*Keep track of our project Wikipedians;
>*Keep track of revisions and new entries;
>*Work with Wikimedia Foundation to publicize the linguistics community's
>We hope you are as enthusiastic about this effort as we are. Just to help us
>get started looking at Wikipedia more critically, and to easily identify an
>needing improvement, we suggest that you take a look at the List of
>page at:
>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_linguists. M
>Many people are not listed there; others need to have more facts and
>added. If you would like to participate in this exciting update effort,
>respond by sending an email to LINGUIST Editor Hannah Morales at
>hannah at linguistlist.org, suggesting what your role might be or which
>entries you feel should be updated or added. Some linguists who saw our
>on the Internet have already written us with specific suggestions, which we
>share with you soon.
>This update project will take major time and effort on all our parts. The
>result will be a much richer internet resource of information on the breadth
>depth of the field of linguistics. Our efforts should also stimulate
>students to consider studying linguistics and to educate a wider public on
>we do. Please consider participating.
>Hannah Morales
>Editor, Wikipedia Update Project
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