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Sean Whitton sean at silentflame.com
Sun Jun 17 10:02:18 UTC 2007

In the situation you describe I would hope no-one shoots you down in
flames. That would not be helpful to *anyone*.

However, if for example a big debate on a new resolution was being
discussed, you'd probably be asked to nudge over to -en.

On 16/06/07, Gurch <matthew.britton at btinternet.com> wrote:
> Sean Whitton wrote:
> > I'm glad you've brought this up so clearly because, from my position,
> > it isn't as obvious. I can see exactly what you mean about the issue
> > with continuity between us. On one hand, I would simply say that this
> > kind of thing will iron itself out with time, and that wounds will
> > heal etc. However, on the other hand, users like yourself have no idea
> > which rules to follow, and so things start to go downhill again.
> >
> > So, I'll try to give the position that we were aiming at in e-mail
> > discussions here. I think Mark and I were trying to present it fairly,
> > and I think that the reason it was confusing was because we were going
> > for something /comparatively/ stricter as compared with what we had
> > before, but guidelines in the sense of we are not going to stick to
> > the letter and that a lot of it falls down to common sense.
> >
> > The position is that we are requesting that the channel remains
> > reasonably on-topic, has a clean/presentable public face, and that if
> > this is not being achieved users will be willing to listen to the
> > operators to perhaps change things.
> >
> > The guidelines/rules/whatever are not the key thing: being a catalyst it.
> >
> > If this is horribly unclear, please let me know!
> >
> > Sean
> No, that sounds absolutely fine. But you've stayed pretty vague there.
> What I want to know is, if I enter #wikipedia and say "hi" to someone,
> or ask a question about a page that incidentally happens to be on the
> English Wikipedia, will the response be "you're not allowed to talk
> about that in here. It's policy now. You must talk about that in
> #nameofchannel"? Or can I expect a helpful answer?
> More importantly, is there actually anything left which *can* be talked
> about in that channel? And how on earth is discussion of a particular
> Wikipedia not "on-topic" in a channel called "#wikipedia"?
> -Gurch
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