[Foundation-l] foundation-l Digest, Vol 39, Issue 31 (was #wikipedia changes)

Dan Rosenthal swatjester at gmail.com
Sat Jun 16 21:09:21 UTC 2007

And my support as well. These were up on the list of "proposed  
changes" with zero consultation to the channel users, of which quite  
a few are indeed against it.

The rules are FAR too draconian, and far too bureaucratic: it's  
bureaucracy for the sake of bureaucracy.

I can understand no "off topic" chat, because of wikipedia-social,  
even if I MASSIVELY disagree with it. But no discussion of individual  
projects? What then? Everything is an individual project. Really,  
what purpose does the channel have then?

-Swatjester/Dan Rosenthal

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> Gurch wrote:
>> Sean has casually neglected to mention that "off-topic" discussion  
>> is no
>> longer permitted in the channel. And by that I literally mean that
>> entering the channel and sending one-line greetings to a couple of  
>> users
>> will get you told, in-channel and via a bombardment of PMs, to stop
>> talking off-topic.
> Let me add my support to this: off-topic chat is important and  
> should be
> allowed. A variety of forums for off-topic chat between Wikipedians  
> should
> be provided. Wikipedians are humans, not machines, and just like  
> all other
> humans have a deep-seated need to socialise with their colleagues,  
> and to
> discuss matters of shared importance.
> -- Tim Starling

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