[Foundation-l] only six new accounts per day per ip?

Platonides Platonides at gmail.com
Wed Jun 13 12:21:27 UTC 2007

Ragib Hasan wrote:
> Yes, that's exactly the problem ... with help from Bangladesh Open
> Source Network, we are conducting FOSS camps all around the country,
> and a session is dedicated to Wikipedia, where we talk about the
> philosophy, and the newbies have a hands-on experience on creating
> accounts, logging in, and editing articles. So, definitely we need a
> workaround. There is a huge potential of editors coming from the 150
> million population of Bangladesh ...  we need to help new users by all
> means to get them started. If we just show them a canned demo of an
> admin going in and creating an account for them, that won't help them
> spreading the word to other people (non-attendees, friends etc) .
> I'd love to have a solution to this, as we have more FOSS/Wikicamps
> scheduled in the coming months.
> --
> Ragib

You could give them the userlogin screen from a logged sysop. It only 
differs in having the username/dicussion/preferences... bar on the  top 
instead of Register, and having the username prefilled.
You can hide those details with JavaScript, handling them a fake 
unlogged status to create their account.

PS: make sure they don't do bad things with that account. You may also 
want to remove the extra tabs with CSS.

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