[Foundation-l] Following the conventions: seperating Wikisource

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Sat Jun 9 17:38:41 UTC 2007

GerardM wrote:

>I would not call it silly, I would call it an intellectual exercise. It is
>not necessary to call it silly.
>Given that Wikisource is about source texts, I am less worried about the
>veracity of the content than I would be in a Wikipedia project. 

>There are
>several projects where the orthography is an exercise in original research
>as one often not formal orthography is insisted on. This is not restricted
>to the Belarus Wikipedia by the way.
It is always dangerous to change the orthography from what it is in the 
original work, but in a lot of cases in the public domain the work has 
already been done for us.  If a Russian work exists only in the 
pre-revolutionary orthography that should be the standard, but it should 
not prevent us from adding a modern transcription.

On the other hand one still needs to be careful with English works 
published before 1800 that used a long "s".  Those should be changed, 
but not at the risk of confusing them with an "f".  One needs to be 
aware of the distinction between orthography and typography.


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