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Walter Vermeir walter at wikipedia.be
Sat Jun 9 00:45:16 UTC 2007

Thomas Dalton schreef:
> Incidentally - does anyone know where I can find statistics to see if
> the "A cleaner environment starts with yourself" concept is true? What
> percentage of carbon emissions come from things a typical person can
> reduce on their own?

"A cleaner environment starts with yourself" was, I think, a slogan of a
environmental awareness campaign in the Netherlands some time ago.

I means in this context that you can not wait for other to do something
or point to the others to justify your inactions.

And that is very true I find. I am from Belgium. That is a small densely
populated country with lost of roads, many trucks passing by Belgium to
get to the neighboring country's. a large ports, heavy industry (like
petroleum's refinery's), very intensive agriculture.

There is very extensive envirmental legislation's to monitor the impact
of all those act ivies and to regulate it. Envirmental issues are taken
seriously. Yes, it could be better but things are improving like the
water quality of the rivers and ground water.

But whatever the efforts Belgium does that will never make a noticeable
effect on the global scale. But that is not taken as an excuse for not
doing it.

As a citizen that is exactly the same only on a even smaller level. You
can only try to do your best whatever the small impact. And that means
doing things like isolate you house, get a new more efficient heating
system for you home, bring your old cooking oil, paint and other
household chemical waste to the local communal collection point and do
not put them in the non-sorted trash.

And that is what "A cleaner environment starts with yourself" means. It
is an attitude to take personal responsibility.

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