[Foundation-l] WMF-projects: Carbon neutral/low/aware website?

Peter Halasz email at pengo.org
Fri Jun 8 14:13:34 UTC 2007

Global warming not necessarily "more important" on an abstract level,
but the fact is we are contributing to it by purchasing and using
non-renewable energy -- so lessening that contribution through
investment in renewable energy helps offset what the WMF is directly
responsible for -- at least until a time comes when governments compel
energy providers to be responsible for their own emissions.

The main problem seems to be money, but we haven't even estimated a
ballpark figure for how much it would cost. Can we conduct even an
informal guestimate-ish audit, if not a proper one?

If using contributor funds is a problem, let's look at requesting that
money from the community separately. Dismissing carbon credits or
offsets as a "fad" and of "dubious effect" are poor excuses. There is
enough brainpower here to find carbon offset investments which are

Peter Halasz

On 6/9/07, Marco Chiesa <chiesa.marco at gmail.com> wrote:
> Andrew Gray wrote:
> >Not to mention the fact that it.wp would probably decide it was
> >advertising and threaten to fork ;-)
> >
> >
> >
> Yeah, we will probably do. In the past the community got quite upset whn
> some users decided to personalize the logo for Christmas, Halloween or
> World AIDS day, so definitely any logo will be considered advertising
> :p. I think endorsing any (good) cause goes against NPOV policy. Why
> should global warming be more important than feeding the hungry or
> getting a person his/her first million before he/she turns 30?
> Cruccone
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