[Foundation-l] Wikimania 2008

Alison Wheeler wikimedia at alisonwheeler.com
Thu Jun 7 19:49:08 UTC 2007

On Thu, June 7, 2007 17:30, Angela wrote:
> On 6/7/07, Ilario Valdelli <valdelli at gmail.com> wrote:
>> 1.Any member of the jury must NOT be involved in any way with the
>> bidding town.
>> If I am Chinese or I have Chinese origin (for example) I cannot be part
>> of the jury if a Chinese town is candidate.
> This isn't practical. There would be very few people who are able to
> be involved if everyone from 20 or so countries that submit bids can
> not be on the jury. The Board members are usually on the jury, so
> you're implying that the US, France, the Netherlands, and Germany can
> not even submit bids?

Sorry Angela, but that isn't what Ilario was saying. He was stating the
standard practice for many bodies that make similar decisions that an
individual who is (or could reasonably be considered as) connected to a
given bid cannot take an active part on the decision-making *regarding
that given bid* - ie not that they can't be involved at all, just with the
bids from their own country/ies. This sounds, to me, as a reasonable way
to reduce the perceived bias that could take place (not, may I clearly
state) that I believe it has in the past.

Alison Wheeler

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