[Foundation-l] Following the conventions: seperating Wikisource

Sabine Cretella sabine_cretella at yahoo.it
Tue Jun 5 21:42:46 UTC 2007

Yann Forget schrieb:
> Hello,
> GerardM a écrit :
>> Hoi,
>> Everybody assumes that Wikipedia is to be the first project to introduce a
>> new language. This is however not a given. When a new language is introduced
>> for Wikisource, the requirements for a new language still apply.
>> Particularly the language is to be approved to conform to what is considered
>> to be that language.
>> Consequently, when a new language is to be started first in Wikisource, the
>> requirements are not waived. What can be discussed is to host it in
>> Wikisource... However it would NOT be an approved language nor an approved
>> project until it meets the requirements as specified by the language
>> committee. This is not something that can be voted on.
>> Thanks,
>>     GerardM
> I think it is better that the process for the creation of a new language
> for Wikisource happens in Wikisource itself as Dovi and Ray said.
> Here it looks like that you are afraid to lose some control...
> Regards,
> Yann
Hi Yann,

I suppose that there is something that is not understood well: normally 
a new language is started with Wikipedia and therefore what comes later 
is quite easy to achieve since the UI is already there etc.

When a new language is introduced by a different project, let's say 
Wiktionary, Wikisource or whatever project the same rules as for a new 
Wikipedia (in a new language) apply, because it starts a "new language".

We are not controlling anything - we are just making sure that projects 
have the best possible start.

Best wishes from Italy,


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