[Foundation-l] Following the conventions: seperating Wikisource

GerardM gerard.meijssen at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 06:43:43 UTC 2007

A new language does not need to start with a Wikipedia. There was at some
stage an NGO who was willing to give content to the Wikimedia Foundation for
a language that we do not support at this moment. In this instance it would
have been a Wikibook. It could have been appropriate for Wikisource.

So no, I am not mistaken. What I described is that when a new language
starts, the requirements for a new language still apply. Your suggestion was
about new Wikisource projects. You did not consider new languages starting
in Wikisource. This is why I made my remark.


On 6/5/07, Dovi Jacobs <dovijacobs at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Gerard, I think you may be confusing an entirely new Wikimedia language
> with a new project (WIkiversity, Wikisource) in an existing language.
> I was talking about the latter (e.g. a new Wikiversity in Arabic).
> Actually, the confusion may have been my fault, because I mistakenly gave
> Wikipedia as an example in my previous post.
> So to be absolutely clear, my suggestion had nothing to do with the
> process of sanctioning entirely new languages, but rather to host new
> test-projects for
> existing languages at project-specific incubator wikis (like Wikiversity
> and
> Wikisource).
> Dovi Jacobs
> >> Everybody assumes that Wikipedia is to be the first project to
> introduce a new language. This is however not a given. When a new language
> is introduced for Wikisource, the requirements for a new language still
> apply. Particularly the language is to be approved to conform to what is
> considered to be that language.
> >>Consequently, when a new language is to be started first in Wikisource,
> the
> requirements are not waived. What can be discussed is to host it in
> Wikisource... However it would NOT be an approved language nor an approved
> project until it meets the requirements as specified by the language
> committee. This is not something that can be voted on.
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