[Foundation-l] board meeting short report

Florence Devouard anthere at anthere.org
Mon Jun 4 17:56:34 UTC 2007



Hello everyone,

The board of Wikimedia Foundation held a face to face meeting on the 
1st, 2nd and 3rd of june 2007.

Just as in january 2007, this meeting took place in the Netherlands, 
home country of two of our board members, Jan-Bart and Oscar. Board 
members present for the three days were Kat Walsh, Florence Devouard, 
Erik Moëller, Jan-Bart De Vreede and Jimmy Wales. Oscar Van Dillen 
joined us saturday morning. Other guests were also present, including 
Carolyn Doran, our COO. Most of us actually gathered in Amsterdam during 
thursday, so that long-distance travellers could have the time to 
recover from their trip.
Contrariwise to the previous time, the meeting did not take place in 
Rotterdam, but downtown Amsterdam. We were hosted in two different 
hotels, a rather cool idea to force us to walk a little bit at least 
twice a day :-) (and get the opportunity to collect stroopwafels, gouda 
and tulips). The hotel hosting the meeting itself actually overbooked 
its meeting rooms so we were moved to another very nice hotel and 
confortable meeting room. You should have the opportunity to see this 
place one day or another, since on top of the board meeting guests, we 
welcomed the presence of the wikidocumentary crew . A good part of the 
board meeting on saturday afternoon was recorded for posterity...
On saturday evening, a wikimeet took place as well. Do not ask me to 
report on this, I was sick and could not assist to it, much much to my 
regret :-( Maybe one guest will have taken pictures and could add them 
here ?

I will only very generally mention the topics discussed, a fuller 
report, with published resolutions and more specific announcements will 
follow in the coming days. I will link all those on this page so that 
you get a fuller picture.

We spent a large part of our time discussing what we perceive are the 
two most critical issues to solve very urgently, hiring a new ED and a 
new legal person.
A large place was given to a list of legal tasks, the future fundraiser 
and the audit (the fiscal year just ended last week).
On the way, we updated the resolution about the "Access to nonpublic 
data policy", we also agreed on a "whistle blower policy" as well as on 
an "audit charter". All those will be published shortly on this page and 
links added below.
Amongst other items discussed, board elections (in particular voting 
system), wikipedia.com, Wikimania, trademarks registration.

Overall, it was a fruitful week end. Next face to face meeting is 
planned just prior to Wikimania (1st and 2nd), two days during which the 
board, plus previous board members (if not reelected), plus advisory 
board members will work together to define a 3-year plan for WMF.
Then, the next board meeting will probably occur around end of september 
or early october, in Florida.


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