[Foundation-l] Wikimedia brand survey open

hillgentleman hillgentleman.wikiversity at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 06:29:06 UTC 2007

> A branding decision that, in the long run, very much improves the
> perception of our projects, and thereby increases their chances of
> broad success, may, in typical communities, be an unpopular decision,
> because people have become accustomed to the existing brands and even
> take a little personal pride in their familiarity with them all. The
> fact that this present Board could make such a decision even if it was
> going to be unpopular seems like a feature to me rather than a bug.

The reason why the board may trump the community is that the board
should be a stabilising force of the community.  In a wiki process, it
is the community that moves itself forward - not a proactive
individual board member.

Board members should seek to enlighten the community by thoughtful

Please do not repeatedly accuse community members of "have become
accustomed to the existing brands" and in the same time refuse to
listen to legitimate concerns and doubts. That is not helpful.

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