[Foundation-l] Sigh, problems with non-Latin usernames again

geni geniice at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 00:57:57 UTC 2007

On 30 Jan 2007 01:32:52 +0100, Anders Wegge Jakobsen <wegge at wegge.dk> wrote:
> Matt R <matt_crypto at yahoo.co.uk> writes:
> > --- Anders Wegge Jakobsen <wegge at wegge.dk> wrote:
> >>  Learn to discern between squiggles then. If you claim that the
> >> average editor is able to remeber User:JoeBloggs from way back, then
> >> any claim of not beeing able to discern between squiggles revolve
> >> around being unable (or unwilling) to install the proper font needed
> >> to make sense out of User:Æøå.
> > Non-Latin usernames make distinguishing and recognising users *much*
> > harder.
>  Tough for you then. Grow up and learn coping with the globalized
> world.

The gloabalized world speaks english. However in this case we will
accept pretty much anything in the English alphabet. At random I don't
think Bjankuloski06en is english we tend not to include numbers
withint words.

>  Sure ... Then go ahead and transliterate your name into
> chinese. After all, it's just 30 seconds og effort on your part :-)

Tricky since it doesn't have a defined pronouceation in english. either


or perhaps

名 移动式起重机;纺织机;雌驴等


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