[Foundation-l] Fair Use (again)

Robert Scott Horning robert_horning at netzero.net
Sun Jan 28 20:22:52 UTC 2007

effe iets anders wrote:

>I think all it takes is one person writing the foundation that they are
>breaching their copyright, as they do not follow the GFDL-license, under
>which the person has given his/her texts free? And if Wikipedia is not
>following GFDL, GFDL doesnt apply to those articles either i guess. In
>thery, IANAL, it might even be that the foundation has to remove all that
>persons contributions? :S
I've actually thought about doing a sort of mass-mailing to several 
prominent artists featured on Wikipedia, saying in effect "do you know 
that your art work is being used here without permission" and giving an 
address of the WMF to get it removed.

I think that might get a reaction, but it may not be in the best 
interest of the WMF to go that far.  It does illustrate at least an 
avenue to force this issue.

For myself, I would rather that the concept of fair use be legitmately 
reviewed, and that applications of fair use that might be objectionable 
would be removed well before there is any problem that might surface 
instead.  Unfortunately this is something that may have to come from 
"the top" on a WMF level and be forced down onto the project.  The only 
ones who are interested right now in setting fair use policy are those 
who want to see it extended even further rather than those who want to 
scale it back.

Robert Scott Horning

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