[Foundation-l] Promoting non-en Wikipedias (was In defence of Google)

Andre Engels andreengels at gmail.com
Tue Jan 23 00:04:31 UTC 2007

2007/1/22, Till Weber <peterpanini at gmx.net>:

see here, for example "Madonna"
> can we have this automatically for each keyword added in each language?

The short answer is no.

The longer answer is: How are you going to decide automatically what the
title of the page in some language will be? That you use "Madonna
(entertainer)" in English but "Madonna (cantante)" in Italian, "Madonna
(artist)" in Norwegian and "Madonna Ciccone" in simple English? That it's
"Мадона" in Serbian, but "Мадонна" (with the "(артистка)" added) in Russian?

There's no automatic way to make those decisions. It might be possible to do
it by hand, but even then there is a danger of someone not realizing that
something is a homonym in their language, and create a link which, when
filled in, becomes incorrect.

Also, I doubt whether the use of this would be so great. It might get people
to the other languages, it might also make those interwiki links even less
used than they are now - after you have found 5 times "there is no article
on this subject in <insert language here>, you can write it" when clicking
on the link to your own language, you might well turn away from clicking it
at all.

ok, the cryptic languages need manual advice, but we can do a link already..
> then the index will grow... That´s all we need for promotion !!!
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madonna_(entertainer)
> [[ar:مادونا]]
> [[bg:Мадона (певица)]]
> [[bs:Madonna]]
> [[ca:Madonna]]
> [[cbk-zam:Madonna]]
> [[cs:Madonna]]
> [[da:Madonna]]
> [[el:Μαντόνα]]
> [[en:Madonna (entertainer)]]
> [[eo:Madonna]]
> [[es:Madonna]]
> [[fa:مدونا (خواننده)]]
> [[fi:Madonna]]
> [[fr:Madonna]]
> [[gl:Madonna]]
> [[he:מדונה]]
> [[hr:Madonna]]
> [[hu:Madonna (énekesnő)]]
> [[id:Madonna]]
> [[it:Madonna (cantante)]]
> [[ja:マドンナ (歌手)]]
> [[ka:მადონა (მომღერალი)]]
> [[la:Madonna (cantrix)]]
> [[lt:Madonna]]
> [[mk:Мадона (пејачка)]]
> [[nds-nl:Madonna (zangeres)]]
> [[nl:Madonna (zangeres)]]
> [[no:Madonna (artist)]]
> [[pl:Madonna]]
> [[pt:Madonna]]
> [[ro:Madonna]]
> [[ru:Мадонна (артистка)]]
> [[simple:Madonna Ciccone]]
> [[sk:Madonna]]
> [[sl:Madonna]]
> [[sq:Madonna]]
> [[sr:Мадона]]
> [[sv:Madonna]]
> [[th:มาดอนน่า]]
> [[tr:Madonna]]
> [[vi:Madonna (ca sĩ)]]
> [[vls:Madonna (zangeresse)]]
> [[yi:מעדאנע]]
> [[zh:麥當娜]]
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