[Foundation-l] Wikitext isn't a programming language, but...

Claus Färber gmane at faerber.muc.de
Fri Jan 19 17:03:00 UTC 2007

David Strauss <david at fourkitchens.com> schrieb/wrote:
> I'm certainly no expert for the MediaWiki parser, but you could take a
> microtime() from the start of parsing and periodically check time
> elapsed. With anything beyond the allotted parsing time, the template
> would return either nothing or a warning.

This way, complex templates would sometimes work (if the server load is
low) and sometimes not work (if the server load is high, causing longer
execution times).

Better use a counter instead of real time. If a script requires less  
than, say, 100 "ticks", it will always work no matter how long a tick  
currently is.


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