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Mon Jan 22 12:55:28 UTC 2007

Datum: Sun, 21 Jan 2007 19:10:08 -0800
Von: Ray Saintonge <saintonge at telus.net>

> >If you introduce the world's best, brand new search engine open source
> >tech project tomorrow, that's more useful and open than Google, you're
> >going to have a hard time managing the growth, by any standards,...
> >
> >To amplfy Gerard's comment, the "vision" has to include a business
> >plan and some operational clue.
> >
> Absolutely!  We can't be everything for everybody.  But a more 
> sophisticated internal search function would still be nice.

as I understand the mails till now right, we need not necessarily a businessplan for the so called "peerpedia"-plan, wikiasari need this busninessplan maybe, but a projectplan with costs for the foundation would do for peerdedia, the p2p open source search with yacy.net

The discussion is hot, you see google advertising its toolbar, see yacysearch.com interest, and wikiseek appearing just in time and a lot of mediahype aboot wikia´s search plans, though there are none published.
The Peerpedia domian is pre-registered form the other side and the yacy forum was hacked. I guess there are a lot of people against this project to be develop by the foundation. But this leads to a just do it now though principle.

Anyway, the need for a p2p open source engine is here and it fits the wikipedia / wikimedia foundation´s mission perfectly.

What do we need to support the p2p yacy network "peerpedia" from the foundation side?

1. leader of foundation and leader of agree in a round table meeting to join a project or not, as suggestred by Tom.
2. Wikia then can choose to use yacy code or not, if yes, then it will contribute peerpedia, if the wikifoundation supports this in an own project as well.

3. Peerpedia project starts.
4. A project team is built. I guess the Thread-reply-persons on this list are interested to joint and coach the project.
5. Wikimedia needs at least some simple desktop PC with high RAM-Memory to index the wikipedia sites.
6. We need a project page, best would be a wiki, to announce and drwa the plot.
7. The wikimedia foundation servers index with yacy the wikipedia content.
9. We need more servers to index the web and ask lokal communities and foundation members to run as well servers.
10. If the servers run, the wikipedia is indexed and as webcontent-indexing starts, we make a search portal of the local yacy on each wikipedia site, which means a search box under the existing searchbox.
11. We ask users for feedback about the searchbox.internal (lucene) and the searchbox for external webcontent (yacy)
12. There is a roll-out then, that each wikipedia language server has a local database of the webcrwaler yacy.
13. We develop with the yacy developers a firefox-toolbar, which already exists, for human rating of urls: ++ / + / - / -.- .
14. Users can search and run a yacy node with this peerpedia search toolbar in the firefox. as well a wikipedia search could be done. (here as well an option for wikiasari exists, to be integrated in the toolbar).
Cooperation with firefox... etc..etc.

Then you just have to see, how the project grows.

But what is needed is a letter of intent of both, Jim from wikia and
Florence Nibart-Devouard (chair)
Jan-Bart de Vreede (vize)
Brad Patrick (interim Executive Director)
Brion Vibber (techniocal director)

maybe those 4 could reply here on the list about their interest or competence to negotiate a peerpedia search box for the wikipedia servers.

Michael Davis (treasurer) then could to a plan, how many money we could spent on servers for 50 yacy servers indexing the wikipedia and web.

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