[Foundation-l] In defence of Google

Tim 'avatar' Bartel wikipedia at computerkultur.org
Sun Jan 21 22:58:36 UTC 2007


Gerard Meijssen schrieb am 18.01.2007 18:16:
> I want to remind 
> you all that it is because of the value Google attaches to our content 
> that we became the number 10 or whatever in the Alexa rankings. When 
> Google were to drop the value it attaches to Wikipedia in favour of for 
> instance Citizendium, it will become clear how important Google is for 
> the dissemination of our Free content.

My english isn't the best for sure, but I think your posting implies 
that Google is tempering search results by adding a bonus to results 
from Wikipedia and/or that Google will perhaps adjust this bonus down 
and adding a higher one to results from Citizendium. I hope I don't got 
you wrong.

In my understanding this is NOT the case and I have no data or source to 
believe otherwise. I believe that Wikipedia entries are listed high in 
Google because they match the existing automatic pagerank and search 
algorithms and there is no 'handwork' needed. If someone has other 
informations, please share them, thanks.

Bye, avatar.


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